mashed potatoes

Everyone has their own special trick when it comes to mashed potatoes, maybe your Mum made killer mashed potatoes when you were growing up or your crazy Aunt held the title for the best mash, with a few little handy hints you can perfect this classic staple yourself. Some like it lumpy, some like it smooth, some like butter and cheese and some like it straight up. However you like your squashed spuds, here are 5 hot tips to creating the best mashed potato ever.

  1. Choose wisely. Avoid waxy potatoes and instead opt for starchy potatoes like Russets or Yukon golds. Potatoes low in starch don’t break down as easily or absorb dairy quite as well.
  2. Salt the water. Pasta and potatoes both absorb the water that they are cooked in, adding salt in the water means you don’t add as much after cooking.
  3. Start with cool water. This ensures an evenly cooked potato, place potatoes in a large pot and fill the cool water about an inch above the potatoes.
  4. Use room temperature butter. Leave the butter you plan on using in your mashed potato out on the bench whilst you cook your potatoes. Room temperature butter absorbs into the potatoes much better then straight out of the fridge.
  5. Don’t over mash. The more you mash the more starch is released making your mash gummy and glue like. When the team at Dreamfarm were creating the Smood, they made a masher that requires only one mash per potato, giving you dreamy creamy potatoes every time.

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Happy mashing!

peanut butter and jam muffins from Dreamfarm on Vimeo.