Onpot How To Use Onpot

Onpot is a pot lid rest that suctions onto your pot lid. You lift your lid off and hook it on the edge of your pot at just the right angle so that all the condensation under the lid drips back into the pot, instead of all over your stovetop or kitchen bench.

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Product Details

  • Length: 9.8cm / 3.9"
    Width: 4.8cm / 1.9"
  • Weight: 0.016kg / 0.04lb
  • Materials: Nylon Body/TPE suction caps

Care Instructions

Top rack dishwasher safe. Suitable for pot lids up to 25cm/10" in diameter.

Clever Design

Clever design always rests the lid at the perfect angle so that condensation and food splatter drips back into your pot.

Onpot: Clever Design
Onpot: Whenever You Need It

Whenever You Need It

Onpot is designed to stay stuck to your lid so it's always there whenever you need it.

Rest Easy

Onpot sticks into your pot lid so you can easily rest the lid on the edge of your pot.

Onpot: Rest Easy
Onpot: Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant

High heat-resistant materials are safe up to 170°C/340°F so it will not melt even when used over a gas stove.

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