Spink How To Use Spink

Spink is a cup holder that sticks to your table so you’ll never spill another drink. If you’ve ever destroyed a laptop or keyboard, given the papers on your desk a soaking or coffee-bath, or just don’t want to start, stick your drink in a Spink.

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Product Details

  • Length: 13.5cm / 5.3"
    Width: 12cm / 4.7"
  • Weight: kg / 0lb
  • Materials: ABS plastic with a PC cover.

Care Instructions

Make sure the suction cup is clean before sticking it to a smooth, flat surface. Clean with a cloth.

Strong Suction

Strong, lever-powered suction keeps your Spink stuck to your desk so you can't knock it or your drink over.

Spink: Strong Suction
Spink: Grab Your Mug

Grab Your Mug

Handle and finger grooves let you easily grab your mug or cup.

Customize It

Draw on it, design your own cover, or slip in a photo to make your Spink as individual as you.

Spink: Customize It
Spink: Fits Your Drink

Fits Your Drink

Fits all sizes of drinks from a can of coke to your favorite takeaway coffee cup or mug.

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