Vebo How To Use Vebo

Vebo is a silicone cooking basket and vegetable steamer that does it all. Wash or boil your vegetables in your Vebo, or use it for steaming thanks to its raised floor. When your veggies are cooked simply pull your Vebo out of the pot (don’t worry, Vebo is made of silicone so it doesn’t get hot) and pop it on your sink to strain. Vebo makes healthy eating easy.

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Product Details

  • Length: 14.5cm / 5.7"
    Width: 13cm / 5.1"
  • Weight: 0.14kg / 0.31lb
  • Materials: Silicone with capacity of 1.2L / 1.3 qt

Care Instructions

Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant up to 260°C/500°F. Dishwasher safe.

Boil, Steam, Strain

Easily boil, steam and strain your vegetables all in your Vebo - one tool means less mess and less to clean up.

Vebo: Boil, Steam, Strain
Vebo: Get Out of Hot Water

Get Out of Hot Water

Handles pop into the air so you can easily take your Vebo out of the hot water and your vegetables to strain before serving straight onto your family's dinner plates.

Squashes Down

Unique wall design squashes down to fit any sized pot, keeping the pot lid on tightly to cut steaming and boiling time.

Vebo: Squashes Down
Vebo: Simple Storage

Simple Storage

Conveniently stores in an empty pot.

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