Dreamfarm Gift Cards are the ultimate gift for anyone that loves to cook, enjoys a gadget, or demands the world’s best.

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eGift Cards are the perfect last minute gift. They’re paperless and painless, and you can choose between instant or delayed delivery - hooray!

Select “ASAP” to have your eGift Card emailed to the recipient immediately (most common) or select a date to schedule your eGift Card to arrive on the specific date in the future, e.g. Christmas Day or the recipient’s birthday.

The recipient will receive a beautiful email with your personalized message and their unique eGift Card code delivered straight to their inbox. You’ll also receive a confirmation email to let you know it was sent.

Step 1: Choose Gift Amount
Gift Amount:

  • Choose any amount between $25 - $1,000
  • Dreamfarm Gift Cards are valid for 3 years. This gives the recipient plenty of time to decide on what to add to their kitchen tools collection!
  • Gift Cards can only be used online at www.dreamfarm.com.
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