Knibble is a non-stick cheese knife that slices, spreads, and even forks to serve your nibbles.

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  • Why we made this

    Introducing Knibble. The non-stick cheese knife that slices, spreads, and even forks to serve your nibbles.

  • Product Details
    • Length IconLength:23.0cm / 9.1”
    • Width IconWidth:4.1cm / 1.6”
    • Weight IconWeight:0.03kg / 0.07lb
    • Material IconMaterial:Nylon, Beech Wood, Stainless Steel
  • Care Instructions
    Wooden handle not suitable for dishwasher. Hand wash only.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    What are the pointy bits for?The forks at the end of the Knibble blade help you poke and pick up meats, cheeses, olives, sun dried tomatoes, or any other nibbles you have on your cheese platter!Can I put my Knibble cheese knife in the dishwasher?The plastic blade and stainless steel forks are dishwasher safe, but unfortunately the timber handle is not. If you'd prefer a dishwasher safe cheese knife, please check out Knibble Lite.What sort of cheese can I use this cheese knife for?Hard cheese, soft cheese and every cheese in between! Knibble is the perfect cheese knife for your charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Reviews from Verified Customers

Never a sticky situation.

Knibble’s unique barbed blade creates air pockets to stop cheese from sticking.

Forking brilliant.

Stainless steel forks are perfect for serving and don’t extend beyond the profile of the blade for safety.

All spread and done.

Rounded top edge of blade spreads without tearing up bread and scrapes every last bit from plastic containers without scratching them.

It don’t get cheddar than this.

Durable forks and plastic blade stay sharp and will never rust.