Smood is a potato masher that presses flat to create smooth, fluffy mash in seconds.

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  • Check IconDishwasher Safe
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  • Why we made this

    Smood is not a strange-looking whisk, it’s the world’s best potato masher. It makes smooth mash in seconds, scrapes the pot clean and serves. As you push down, Smood’s spring flattens which forces your potato through the thin gap in its coils, creating smooth fluffy mash in just one press. Holla!

  • Product Details
    • Length IconLength:29.0cm / 11.4”
    • Width IconWidth:9.7cm / 3.8”
    • Weight IconWeight:0.22kg / 0.48lb
    • Material IconMaterial:Stainless Steel, Silicone, TPE
  • Care Instructions
    Dishwasher safe, Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Where'd the big idea for the spring come from?The inspiration for how to make Smood work came to us from an egg cup whilst over at Mum's place for brunch one weekend. A conical spring traps your potato, and when you push down the potato has nowhere to go except through the gaps in the collapsing coils. Thanks Mum!What's the little silicone fin for?That's the built in pot scraper! Use to the scrape the mash off the sides of your pot and (even better) use it to scrape your pot clean and serve - no need to get a Supoon out!What can Smood mash? Is it just a potato masher?Don't you mean, what *can't* Smood mash? If it can be mashed, Smood will mash it faster and smoother than you've seen with a traditional potato masher. Some of our favourite things to make are mashed potato, mashed bananas, avocado for guacamole, sweet potato and even home made baby food.Is this potato masher safe for non-stick?You bet Smood is! The spring coils are mirror polished stainless steel, so they're smooth as. You couldn't even scratch an instant scratchie with Smood, you'll still need a coin for that!

Reviews from Verified Customers

Smooth mash in a flash.

Effortlessly creates smooth mash in seconds by trapping food and forcing it through the thin gaps between the collapsing stainless steel spring coils.

Smooth operator.

Smood’s unique spring design eliminates jarring on the wrist by absorbing the downward force.

Get a grip.

Multi-grip handle is ergonomically designed to be held in several comfortable hand positions for maximum efficiency.

Silicone scraper.

Silicone scraper makes it easy to clean the pot or bowl and is heat resistant to 260°C / 500°F