Spina is a straining colander that turns into an in-sink salad spinner.

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Design Awards

  • Check IconDishwasher Safe
  • Check IconBPA Free
  • Why we made this

    Spina is a colander that turns into an in-sink salad spinner to wash and dry salad leaves, vegetables, berries and more – right in your sink! Its basket has clever over-hanging sides so nothing climbs out, even when it’s spinning at maximum RPM. This Best in Class Good Design Award winner has a non-slip foot that grips in the wet so it always spins safely in place. There’s no bulky bowl to store or wash up when you’re done, and Spina’s handle even tucks in for compact storage.

  • Product Details
    • Length IconLength:30.5cm / 12”
    • Width IconWidth:21.7cm / 8.5”
    • Weight IconWeight:0.29kg / 0.64lb
    • Material IconMaterial:Polypropylene, Nylon, Stainless Steel
  • Care Instructions
    Dishwasher safe
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Where should I store my salad spinner?Salad spinners are notoriously bulky and difficult to store. Because Spina spins your food in your sink, there's no extra bowl to worry about. Just convert your Spina from salad spinner back to a colander, tuck in the handle, and pop it in an empty bowl or pot for easy storage.Won't everything just fly out as the colander spins?No, Spina's walls actually start to curve back in at the top. This overhang, combined with centrifugal force stops your food from flying out, just like how your clothes don't fly out of your washing machine on a spin cycle.What else can I use my spinning colander for?You can use Spina to wash and dry lettuce, herbs or leafy greens, strain pasta, drain vegetables, rinse berries, wash fruit or anything else you can think of!Is this the spinning colander I saw on TikTok?It sure is! Spina has been doing the 'rounds' on the socials and has become TikTok and Instagram famous.

Reviews from Verified Customers

Spinner takes all.

Spina is a salad spinner, colander, and strainer in one, perfect for spin-drying salads, vegetables, berries, grapes, pasta, and more.

Dreamfarm Spina spinning colander transforms into in-sink salad spinner washing berries strawberries and blackberries

A real curve wall.

Large capacity (3 quart / 12 cup) basket has overhang sides to keep food in and stop it from spinning out.

Let it all sink in.

Non-slip foot pivots for secure, high RPM spinning for fast drying in your sink.

Dreamfarm Spina spinning colander transforms into in-sink best salad spinner lettuce spinner spinning radishes

Pump the brakes.

Handle pushes down for “quick stop” brake and tucks in for space-saving storage.

0h, that's handy.

Spina’s handle collapses, allowing it to neatly store in your bowl stacks, completely out of the way.